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Programming the MRPiZ robot in Java language .

API functions

  • Motors controls :

forward() : move the robot MRPiZ forward.

forward_mm() : move the robot MRPiZ forward with a millimeter parameter.

back() : move the robot MRPiZ back.

back_mm() : move the robot MRPiZ back with a millimeter parameter.

stop() : stop the robot MRPiZ.

turnRight() : turn right the robot MRPiZ.

turnRight_degree() : turn right with a angle parameter.

turnLeft() : turn left the robot MRPiZ.

turnLeft_degree() : turn left with a angle parameter.

motorRight() : control the right motor.

motorLeft() : control the left motor.

Robots controls :

robotPositionX(): read robot position on the x axis.

robotPositionY(): read robot position on the y axis. 

robotPositionO():read robot orientation . 

  • Battery :

battery() : read the battery voltage.

  • Firmware :

firmwareVersion() : return the firmware version.

  • Proximity sensors :

proxSensor() : read the proximity sensors.

  • Switch :

switch() : read the switch.

  • Encoder :

encoderLeft() : read the encoder left value.

encoderRight() : read the encoder right value.