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This web page present the first step with MRPi1 robot. Please, follow the steps in this presented order.

What do you need ?

  • MRPi1 robot,
  • SSH client (exemple: Putty)
  • A PC with wifi communication

The differents steps :

  1. Recharge the battery of the robot,
  2. Starting the MRPi1 robot,
  3. Robot login


1.Recharge the battery

To recharge the MRPi1 battery you need :

  • micro-USB cable,
  • A PC or a  usb power adapter

Then :

  1. Set the switch to the OFF position to turn off the robot.
  2. Connect the micro-usb cable
  3. The red led ‘CH’ and ‘+5V’ must be turned on. The battery is being charged.
  4. When the blue led will be turn on, this will be indicate that your battery is charged.


2.Starting the MRPi1 robot

  1. Turn on the ON/OFF switch.
  2. The ON green led must be blink to indicate the robot activity. If this led does not blink, then check if switch 1 is hight position.


3.Robot login

If you use Windows :

  1. Wifi connexion via your computer :


  • Wifi network password: raspberry
  1. Connection with SSH software (putty) :


  • Putty configuration :
    • IP Address :
    • Port : 22
    • Connexion type : SSH


  • Click ‘open’ :


  • login : pi
  • password : raspberry


Your are connect to MRPi1 robot, congratulations !