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Esus board

 Wifi robotics controller & IoT project


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Esus board, a new small powerful robot controller board with the ESP8266 Wifi microcontroller. 100 % Arduino Compatible & Open Source.


What can I do with Esus Board ?

The Esus Board is designed to support : motors, infrared, light, temperature sensors or interrupter switch.

  • Make you mobile robot
  • Make you mobile robot controled by Wifi
  • IoT project
  • And much more …





How do I program the Esus board ?

You just need the Arduino IDE software and a micro usb cable.


With Blockly :


Technical specification :

  • NodeMcu Esp8266 esp-12 microcontroller 80 Mhz
  • WIFI communication,
  • 2 full H-Bridge,
  • 1A per bridge,
  • 6 analogue inputs for sensors (10 bits),
  • 2 logics inputs,
  • 6 logic input/output
  • SPI, I2C and serial communication,
  • 5V and 0V header
  • Two LEDs
  • On/off switch.
  • Step-up/step-down regulator
  • Designed to run on a 2.8 to11.8 V,
  • Designed to run with lipo battery : 3.7V, 7.4V or 11.1V or AA batteries
  • Dimensions :80x 50mm