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Getting started


This page presents the first steps with the MRPiZ robot. Please follow the steps in order.

Your need :

  • MRPiZ robot,
  • SSH software (like Putty software),
  • computer with Wifi,
  • micro-SD card for operating system (8 Go)
  • 18650 rechargeable batterie

The different steps :

  1. Install the operating software on a micro-SD card,
  2. Install the battery,
  3. Recharge the battery,
  4. Starting the MRPiZ robot,
  5. Connect to the MRPiZ robot.

1. Install the operating software

  • Download the compressed operating system file:

Os Raspian : operating system ZIP file for the robot



2. Install the battery

  • Install a 18650 LiPo battery of 3.6V / 3.7V with a capacity of 2000 mAh minimum.

Example of a compatible battery:

3. Recharge the battery


To recharge the battery of the robot MRPiZ you need:

  • Micro USB cable,

Then to recharge the battery of the robot:

  1. Move the switch to the OFF position to turn off the robot.
  2. Connect the micro-USB cable
  3. The red ‘Charging’ led must be on. She informs that the battery is being recharged.
  4. When the yellow ‘Full’ LED is on, this will indicate that your battery is being charged.

2. Turning on the robot

  1. Turn the switch to ON position.
  2. The ON led should flash to indicate the activity of the robot. If this led does not flash, then check that switch 1 is in the up position.


3. Robot connection

The MRPiZ robot is configured as a default access point.

  • If you are on Ubuntu:

Install ssh : ssh

Connection via ssh :

$ ssh pi@ -p 22

  • If you are on Windows :
  1. Connection to the MRPiZ Wifi robot via your computer :

  • Password : Raspberry
  1.  Connect to the MRPiZ robot via an SSH client :


  • Putty configuration :
    • IP Address :
    • Port : 22
    • Connexion type : SSH

In command line :

$ putty.exe -ssh root@ 22
  • Open:


  • login : pi
  • password : raspberry


You are connected on the robot MRPiZ, congratulations!

  • Main robot directory :
$ cd /home/pi/MRPiZ

Directory :

  • Python : Examples, API in python language


4. Stop the robot

To stop the robot, you must first stop the Raspberry Pi board.

If you are connected to the Raspberry Pi board :

  • Command to stop the Raspberry Pi :
$ sudo halt

Then, when the green led of the Raspberry Pi card is no longer active you can turn off the control card via the on / off button.

If you are not connected to the Raspberry Pi board :

  1. Stop the Raspberry Pi board, via the Reset button, press the Reset button for 6 seconds.

  2. Then, the ON / OFF switch in the OFF position.