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New design, quadruped – BORVO

Mace Robotics presents the new design for the BORVO quadruped robot, with more bio-inspired legs:

I use 2D CAD software (QCAD) for drawing the legs:

The robot uses 8 JX PDI-6221MG servo motors with a torque of 20 kg. Every leg is equipped with two servomotors with in parallel operation.

I use FreeCAD software to check the reverse kinematics calculations of the legs.

The robot uses a Teensys 3.5 microcontroller to program with Arduino IDE. For the moment, no inertial sensor or foot contacting sensors are used.


Robot MRPiZ + capteur de gestes

Une vidéo du robot MRPiZ avec le capteur de gestes 3D Flick:


Le programme en langage python:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
from mrpiZ_lib import *
import time
import flicklib
from copy import copy
import subprocess

def message(value):
  print value

def move(x, y, z):
  global xyz
  xyz = [x,y,z]

def main():
  time_PasDetection = 0
  global xyz
  xyz = [0,0,0]
  old_xyz = [0,0,0]
  deplacement_axeX = 0

  print "Exemple"

  while True:
    if old_xyz != xyz:
      deplacement_axeX = xyz[0]
      deplacement_axeY = xyz[1]

    print "X", deplacement_axeX
    print "Y", deplacement_axeY

    if(deplacement_axeX < 0.35):
      print "avancer"
    if(deplacement_axeX > 0.75):
      print "reculer"
    if((deplacement_axeY > 0.75)and(deplacement_axeX > 0.35)and(deplacement_axeX < 0.75)):
      print "tourner droite"
    if((deplacement_axeY < 0.5)and(deplacement_axeX > 0.35)and(deplacement_axeX < 0.75)):
      print "tourner gauche"
      print "pas de detection"
      time_PasDetection = time_PasDetection + 1
    if(time_PasDetection > 5):
      time_PasDetection = 0
    old_xyz = copy(xyz)

if __name__ == "__main__":